April 2015


We lost a dear friend this month but I’ve struggled to put my thoughts down in writing. As is often the case I’ve avoided the real crux of the matter and chosen to ruminate on a question that is altogether less personal: should tragedy enliven us?

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Apr 17, 2015
Starting Afresh!

I’ve culled out a lot of my old posts in order to largely start afresh. I tend to make these sites and fill them with nonesense filler posts just to pad them out but this time around I intend to keep this blog fully up to date. In the…

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The Hold Steady, Spinners There are some themes that are timeless and it is often due to their handling our deepest, most primal fears. Shakespeare’s All the World’s a Stage still holds such currency with a modern audience in spite of the fact that it was written some four hundred years…

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Apr 12, 2015
Family Photographs

For some weeks now I have been processing old family photos with a view to uploading them and sharing them with our overseas relations. This has been a pretty gruelling task because they number in the thousands and the one man who was able to put a name to…

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