Apr 17, 2015

Starting Afresh!

written by Hannah

Twice over the Alps before ever I was born, my name is Hannah but when online I tend to go by Lunaed, or Eluned Francis. I like to live in the past or in other peoples' present. I live to travel and love to see the world from the perspective of others. I chew slowly, and absorb the world in much the same way: savouring it.

I’ve culled out a lot of my old posts in order to largely start afresh. I tend to make these sites and fill them with nonesense filler posts just to pad them out but this time around I intend to keep this blog fully up to date. In the next couple of months I am going to be undertaking a new adventure, leaving home and setting out across Europe with little except my rucksack for company.

Those of you who know me well will understand that I find it hard to get along with walking boots. The relationship is very much love hate. I might love to walk, but the shortcomings of my own personal anatomy mean that my feet and the shoes containing them are constantly grappling with one another: my bad walking gait results in a lot of excess torsional force and sometimes my feet win the battle and destroy my shoes. On the whole the opposite occurs and I am constantly defending my poor feet against blisters with an arsenal of weird and wonderful techniques, some of which work well but earn me plenty of reproaches from people, not least of all those whom I work with! I spend my days fitting footwear for members of the public but can’t find a boot that will leave me unmarked.

My aim is to provide a fairly decent number of posts documenting my trip, the state of my poor feet and the people and experiences that I meet with along the way. At the moment I am still working for Ellis Brighams but this is set to change within the next month; in the meantime I am trying to up my fitness level a little and picking up supplies, but planning a route is proving difficult whilst I am still working full time.

I think I should leave it there for tonight, the moon is rising and I have to get up early tomorrow. Needless to say, this sounds like just another half baked plan but I would like to think that I will see this one through to fruition. I will keep you updated but for now, goodnight.

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