Jul 19, 2015
Visiting Pete

This is yet another update post that I am afraid I can promise will make for an entirely uninteresting read. Having only recently returned home from Devon, where I was tasked with the job of helping my maternal grandmother reduce her book collection following on from the death of my grandfather, I…

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There is only so much that I can find to say about the unenviable task that is helping one’s grandmother to sort through her possessions and get rid of them, either to the dump or to various charity shops. It was a sad necessity because none of the relatives have room…

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Apr 12, 2015
Family Photographs

For some weeks now I have been processing old family photos with a view to uploading them and sharing them with our overseas relations. This has been a pretty gruelling task because they number in the thousands and the one man who was able to put a name to…

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