Route Planning

Aug 23, 2015
Final Way

With only a handful of days to go before I embark upon my latest adventure, I have finally finalised the route that I mean to take through Spain and Portugal. With the final route clocking in at just over 1,200km I am beginning to feel a little nervous, but…

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Jul 19, 2015
Visiting Pete

This is yet another update post that I am afraid I can promise will make for an entirely uninteresting read. Having only recently returned home from Devon, where I was tasked with the job of helping my maternal grandmother reduce her book collection following on from the death of my grandfather, I…

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Apr 17, 2015
Starting Afresh!

I’ve culled out a lot of my old posts in order to largely start afresh. I tend to make these sites and fill them with nonesense filler posts just to pad them out but this time around I intend to keep this blog fully up to date. In the…

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