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Here at Ramp Angle we design websites that are informed by three grounding principles. First and foremost, all new websites must be responsive. Secondly, content remains king. User experience, however, is perhaps the most important principal of all. If your website does not enhance the life of it's users, in some small way, then you brand will not have any clout online.

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To provide you with a service that is unparalleled, striving to provide you with a website that is completely tailored to your needs.

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What's in a name[extra-style color="#398c7f"]?[/extra-style]

I was once told by the NHS, albeit in an off hand fashion, that I was female and I could ''just wear high heels''. This was on account of my ankles, which do not function as ankles should. You see, I have absolutely no dorsiflexion, making me an unlikely candidate for living and working in a ski resort. However, upon leaving University that is precisely where I wound up: Meribel.

Aside from design, another of my particular interests in recent years has been boot fitting, specifically the fitting of ski boots. There are similarities between the two disciplines in so much that both require a somewhat analytical eye, paired with a penchant for finding solutions to problems that are not always an 'out of the box' fit. In short there is an knack to both.

My mission is simple: to provide a bespoke fit feeling to businesses in my neck of the Alps, which are designed to look flawless as well as looking after themselves, enabling us all to get as much time out on the hill as possible.

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We design and develop services for customers of all sizes, specialising in creating engaging and responsive websites, web services and online stores.

Hannah Eluned
Site owner and designer.
Les Trois Vallées
The muse. The mountains.
Ish and Tok
Mostly a hindrance, really.

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